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About Us

We are an interior design studio envisioning and concerning customer’s dreams to become true. We present customizes offer of high end quality interior and exterior design based on customer demand.

Our product is merging our education and experience, superior preview project pictures quality as well premium execution as projected. Strong commitment and excellence by its management and employees, suppliers and subcontractors is given, in order to fulfill customer needs, satisfaction and happiness. Consumers most often associate these products with value, image, prestige, or high end lifestyle. Interior design is Art, not architecture.

What We Do

Montimpex design is offering the Best Italian interior design, accomplished with:

  • Brilliant interior products and materials
  • High end quality subcontractor portfolio
  • Smart home system portfolio proposition
  • Final derivable known as “Turnkey” execution

Interior & Exterior Design

We are offering the latest interior and exterior design trends, ideas, contemporary architecture and design news for your inspiration. Every idea and home decorating inspiration is presented in real 3D projection as checkpoint for your appraisal and future satisfaction and pleasure.


Graphic Design

We are here for your visual communication, creating process that combines art and technology to communicate your ideas, generating value and benefit for you. Communication tools such as image and typography in order to deliver and bring long term memory of your message.



Company’s objective is to use its assets, their leading knowledge in project management by performance evaluation, involving the construction of organizational processes and capabilities necessary to achieve most excellent performance delivering the best results of interior project execution.